DOD Peer Reviewed Alzheimer’s, Research Partnership Award

By Dept. of the Army -- USAMRAA
Government Grant





The intent of the FY21 PRARP RPA is to create an avenue for collaborative research partnerships between/among investigators to address a research problem or question in a manner that would be unachievable through separate efforts as related to the PRARP’s mission (see Section II.A, Program Description). In addition to supporting basic research, FY21 PRARP RPA applications proposing preclinical or pre-validation research are acceptable. Applications that explore the Overarching Challenges of Quality of Life or Family and Care Support are encouraged. The application should also demonstrate the study team’s experience in both military risk factor-related research and AD/ADRD as suited to the proposed work. Projects addressing either the Quality of Life or Family and Care Support Overarching Challenges are prohibited from conducting animal research. Applications must therefore describe how the anticipated outcome(s) can be attributable to the results of the proposed research (short-term...

Thanks to the funder for their generosity.