DoD Prostate Cancer, Health Equity Research and Outcomes Improvemen...

By Dept. of the Army -- USAMRAA
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The FY21 PCRP Health Equity Research and Outcomes Improvement Consortium (HEROIC) Award supports a synergistic, multi-institutional collaboration incorporating innovative and translational approaches that have the potential to make a major impact on specific FY21 PCRP Overarching Challenges. Therefore, all applications are required to address one or both of the following FY21 PCRP Overarching Challenges:• Improve quality of life to enhance outcomes and overall health and wellness for those impacted by prostate cancerApplications should aim to understand the impact of prostate cancer on quality of life for the cancer survivor, their family, caregivers, and their community with the goal of improving and enhancing quality of life and overall health and wellness. Studies should consider both short- and long-term quality of life outcomes. Areas of particular interest include:o The mental and emotional health of patients and their families/caregiverso Impact of quality of life considerati...

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