DoD Scleroderma, Translational Research Partnership Award

By Dept. of the Army -- USAMRAA
Government Grant





The FY21 SRP TRPA mechanism supports partnerships between clinicians, research scientists and other disciplines that will accelerate the movement of promising ideas in scleroderma into clinical applications. The ultimate goal of translational research is to move a concept or observation forward into clinical application that is relevant to active-duty Service Members, Veterans, other military beneficiaries, and the American public. This award supports the development of translational research collaborations between two or more investigators to address a central problem or question in scleroderma in a manner that would be less readily achievable through separate efforts.Observations that drive a research idea may be derived from a laboratory discovery, population-based studies, or clinician’s firsthand knowledge of patients and anecdotal data. However, members of the partnership should not view translational research as a one-way continuum from bench to bedside. The research plan mus...

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