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1/15/21 - Amendment 01 to the FOA is being posted to provide answers to industry questions. The Q&A is embedded in the FOA document. The White Paper due date is changed to 1/29/2021 (from 1/25/2021) at 11:59pm EST.12/14/20 - Adding Link to the Full FOA Package for convenience: Department of Defense (DoD) National Defense Education Program (NDEP) seeks innovative applications on mechanisms to implement Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education, outreach, and/or workforce initiative programs, here onto referred as STEM activities. NDEP also seeks innovative applications on mechanisms to specifically implement Biotechnology outreach and workforce development, which here onto will be referred as Biotech activities. Additional NDEP efforts also includes a pilot program in Enhanced Civics education. The Department intends to award multiple grants in STEM activities, Biotech ...


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