Human Networks and Data Science

By National Science Foundation
Government Grant





The Human Networks and Data Science program (HNDS) supportsresearch that enhances understanding of human behavior and how humans interact with and are influenced by their environments by leveraging data science andnetwork scienceresearch across a broad range of topics.HNDS research will identify ways in which dynamic, distributed, and heterogeneous data can provide novel answers to fundamental questions about individual and group behavior. HNDS is especially interested in proposals thatprovidedata-rich insights about human networks to support improved health, prosperity, and security. HNDS has twotracks: (1)Human Networks and Data Science – Infrastructure (HNDS-I).Infrastructure proposals willaddress the development of data resources and relevant analytic techniques that support fundamental Social, Behavioraland Economic(SBE)research.Successful proposals will, within the financial resources provided by the award, constructuser-friendly large-scale next-generation data resources and...

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