Monitoring Ecological Parameters in the Forested Wetlands of Southe...





The purpose of this project is to continue data collection and analysis on hydrology, SAV, prey base fish and aquatic invertebrate, and Roseate Spoonbill data within the forested wetlands of Biscayne Bay and Florida Bay and to maintain a monitoring program for restoration assessment. Specifically, the objectives include: Objective 1: Provide systematic sampling of demersal fishes, salinity, and depth patterns at a minimum of six locations (Figure 1) in the mainland dwarf mangrove habitats of southern Biscayne Bay and Florida Bay. Link patterns of salinity and freshwater flow (overland and groundwater) with the abundance, diversity, and distribution of demersal fish and SAV. Selected sites will need approval by USACE.Objective 2: Provide annual monitoring of size and location of Roseate Spoonbill nesting colonies, nest success, and nest productivity in Florida Bay. Objective 3: Prepare a summary report of data, analysis, and conclusions related to study objectives including quantific...


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