Thermal Transport Processes

By National Science Foundation
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TheThermal Transport Processesprogram is part of the Transport Phenomena cluster, which alsoincludes1) theCombustion and Fire Systemsprogram; 2) theFluid Dynamicsprogram; and 3) theParticulate and Multiphase Processesprogram. TheThermal Transport Processesprogram supports engineering research projects that lay the foundation for newadvances in thermal transport phenomena. These projects should either develop new fundamental knowledge or combine existing knowledge in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat and mass transfer to probe new areas of innovation in thermal transport processes. The program seeks transformative projects with the potential for improvingbasic understanding, predictability and application of thermal transport processes. Projects should articulate the contribution(s) to the fundamental knowledge supporting thermal transport processes and state clearly the potential application(s) impact when appropriate.Projects that combine analytical, experimental and numeri...

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