The Communities Transforming Policing Fund

By Borealis Philanthropy
Nonprofit Organization
The Communities Transforming Policing Fund (CTPF) is a donor collaborative that works to resource local communities impacted by deadly and discriminatory policing practices to build power, increase police accountability and transparency, and redefine safety by advocating for investment in community-based programs and services as alternatives to police, jails, and prisons.





If you are interested in submitting a letter of inquiry to receive funding, please take the following steps: Review the Eligibility Criteria & Priorities If you are eligible, submit a letter of inquiry The CTPF team will respond within 2-4 weeks to let you know if you will be invited to submit a proposal. (In some cases, we might need additional information before moving forward.) In the proposal stage, groups may submit recent proposals they have submitted to other foundations or to schedule a conversation with us in lieu of submitting a narrative proposal.

Social Impact Focus

  • Accountability and Transparency of Law Enforcement, especially in the policing of marginalized commmunities.


  • Nonprofit Organization

Thanks to the funder for their generosity.