Implementing Strategic Inmate Management (SIM) in Prisons





The most fundamental goal of every prison is to maintain a safe and secure environment for inmates, staff, and visitors. Effectively managing inmate behavior is critical to this goal. The NIC continues to provide best practices in numerous areas of correctional management, and this model is an opportunity to assist agencies with a specified approach involving staff at every level. Although a draft curriculum was developed for Prisons, it has never been reviewed nor implemented in a Prisons environment. It is the ultimate goal of this cooperative agreement to be able to ensure the complete adaptability of the program to the prison environment. The goal of this cooperative agreement is to review the draft version of the SIM curriculum and training materials for Prisons to ensure that there is an effective implementation in a prison environment. NIC will use the SIM model to assist facilities in adopting and implementing an operational philosophy that creates a level of staff accountab...


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