Advancing Wellness Grant

We support organizations that increase access to health care, that advocate for quality education, that fight for good jobs with fair wages and benefits, or that work to make our streets and neighborhoods safe.





Our vision is that every person in California enjoys health and wellness. Many Californians face barriers to achieving enough income to meet basic needs, let alone build wealth – the single most important factor that influences health. Our grants support small and large organizations that focus on reinforcing a social safety net that protects people from economic distress when faced with unexpected situations. We also focus on emphasizing post-secondary education and training, and access to good jobs that provide living wages, strong benefits, and career paths. These paths include entrepreneurship and growing assets – from homeownership to retirement savings.

Social Impact Focus

  • Community Well Being,Equity in Access, Economic Security and Dignity, Leading for Power and Change.


  • Nonprofit Organization

Thanks to the funder for their generosity.