Octava Innovation Challenge

By Octava Foundation
Private Foundation
The Octava Foundation is partnering with MIT Solve to launch the inaugural Octava Social Innovation Challenge, aimed at identifying and supporting accessible and affordable edtech solutions that improve learning outcomes for underserved K-12 learners in Southeast Asia.





The Challenge seeks solutions operating in at least one of Octava Foundation’s target countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and/or Vietnam) that: Increase equitable access to quality learning opportunities through open sourced, offline, or virtual models, especially for underserved learners in low connectivity environments; Improve literacy, numeracy, and social emotional learning milestones while supporting a diverse range of learning pace and styles; Strengthen delivery of STEM and 21st century skills for learners to effectively build work readiness; Support educators, school leaders, and other system stakeholders including through adaptive learning management systems, tools for personalized instruction, and access to professional development and training opportunities; and/or Equip teachers, parents, and stakeholders within the education ecosystem with the digital literacy and confidence needed to engage meaningfully with edtech and enable capacity-building.

Social Impact Focus

  • Improved quality of education and STEM access to southeast asian children and communities.


  • Unrestricted

Thanks to the funder for their generosity.