Economic Inequality Initiative

By Uncharted
Private Foundation
The economic divide in the US is sharp and rising. In the decade since the Great Recession, middle-and-lower classes saw their collective wealth shrink by over 20%, disproportionately affecting women, people of color, and young people. Meanwhile, the country’s most affluent families grew their median net worth by over 13%, making America the most financially unequal nation in the Western world.





This funding supports early-stage solutions addressing economic inequality in the United States. We’re elevating solutions that create transformational opportunities for people to increase wealth in the near term while building towards a long-term vision to address the root causes themselves. That’s why we’re launching a six-month initiative this spring to support eight very early-stage social entrepreneurs, movement builders, and nonprofit innovators who are tackling wealth inequality in the U.S. From universal basic income pilots to rent-to-own home programs, we’re seeking radical ideas with proof of concept and the potential to create a profound impact. Selected participants will receive $25k in unrestricted funding, access to subject-matter experts, mental health resources, introductions to potential funders in our network, and other personalized support.

Social Impact Focus

  • Economic inequality poses the greatest threat to America’s future over the next 25 years. At Uncharted, we believe that if we can create an economy that serves people (and not the other way around), we’ll all be better off.


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