NIC Parole Board Chair Curriculum Conversion: Blended Delivery to V...





NIC developed the Orientation for Parole Board Chairs in 2008, based on the ITIP learning design, using a DACUM process to develop the training modules. It is a 42 hour blended training, with pre-assignments, along with virtual and in-person sessions. The training audience is the adult, professional learner – individuals who have been selected to serve as the parole board chair. The goal of this training is to introduce parole board chairs to their role and responsibility in an evidence-based framework. The training asks participants to examine paroling authority policy and procedures to ensure it is consistent with evidence based practices. The COVID-19 pandemic presented challenges to delivering this training in its current form with 40 hours of in-person learning.This face-to-face learning would normally occur in a classroom of 20 to 25 participants and NIC has made an executive decision to limit these types of training due to the pandemic. And at the same time NIC continues to r...


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