Conservation Innovation Grants

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Conservation Innovation Grants (CIGs) support the development and testing of promising new conservation technologies and approaches with the goal of making them available for use as quickly as possible to farmers and ranchers. It also provides CIGs to fund projects that seek to develop and improve access to innovative conservation solutions for farmers nationwide through on-farm pilots.





CIGs are a subprogram of the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) specifically designed to fund innovative conservation projects that promote science-based solutions that benefit farmers and the environment. The CIG program provides competitive grants that leverage multi-stakeholder partnerships that address a variety of natural resource concerns on agricultural lands. These on-the-ground projects help transfer technology to farmers and ranchers in order to address critical natural resource concerns, and may include on-farm pilot projects and field demonstrations. Funding for CIGs is announced each year, and funds can be used to fund single or multi-year projects (not to exceed three years). In the funding announcement, NRCS typically provides some guidance regarding the particular resource concerns or areas of innovation to be addressed in that year’s funding pool. These concerns and priorities can change from year to year.

Social Impact Focus

  • Improving how we farm and maintain lands can increase crop output and stability which can help combat global hunger. It also ensures that we are responsibly consuming and producing vital and precious resources.


  • Unrestricted

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