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By 2030 SDG 4, Quality Education aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education while promoting lifelong learning for all. There are over 81 million students in the U.S., where the average student-teacher ratio in elementary schools and secondary schools is 16:1. There are also more than 44 million people with student loan debt, totaling $1.4 trillion. The United Nations has defined 10 Targets and 11 Indicators to track progress towards reaching the Sustainable Development Goal of Quality Education by 2030. The data below takes a look at key indicators related to higher education, K-12 public schools, and education nonprofits in the U.S. through the lens of government and social sector data. Explore current education challenges in the United States and support funding of solutions to help solve for good. On the map below you can view statistics nationally, by state, or by a collection of states. Visit the X4Impact library of trusted resources for information on early childhood education, higher education and student loan debt, trade schools, and more. Learn about current Quality Education related challenges in the United States and support funding of solutions to help solve for good. Visit the X4Impact library of trusted resources for information on K-12 education, Charter Schools, Adult Education, Vocational Schools, Higher Education, Quality Education Indicators, and more.  115 Active Challenges START  127 Tech Solutions EXPLORE U 9M Trustworthy Articles LEARN  $653M Open Grants APPLY Our goal is to spark innovation and create social impact through collaboration, partnership, community building, and the democratization of access to data. We aggregate data from academia, researchers, entrepreneurs, the private sector, investors, government, and nonprofits, and this interactive report is just one in a series of free interactive tools and reports exploring the data behind the SDGs in the US. Contact us to learn more about the opportunities to partner with us on these tools and more. Notes: * Percentage of high school dropouts among persons 16 to 24 years old. People who have received equivalency credentials, such as the GED, are counted as high school completers. Includes both noninstitutionalized persons (e.g., those living in households, college housing, or military housing located within the United States) and institutionalized persons (e.g., those living in prisons, nursing facilities, or other healthcare facilities) ** Students 3 years or older Sources: * Students-Teacher ratio and Student Dropout rates:U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Common Core of Data (CCD). 2019 and 2020 projections are from X4Impact Data Sciences Team * Student Debt: * Student Population and US Demographic Data: X4Impact Analysis of US Census Bureau * Nonprofit-related data: X4Impact analysis of over 600,000 forms 990 filed with the Internal Revenue Service -IRS 2018-2020 * Private Investing data: X4Impact analysis of over 25,000 forms D filed with the Security and Exchange Commission -SEC 2019-2021 * Private and Government Grants: X4Impact 2021 INTERACTIVE TOOLS

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