Keeping track of energy use at home or at work

Many households can reduce their energy use and carbon foot print without much sacrifice. Monitoring energy use of appliances and devices can help families make cuts where necessary to save on bills and help the environment.
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America has an energy efficiency of 42%, meaning 58% of our energy goes to waste. While a large portion of this waste happens in industry and systems outside our control, a large portion is wasted in residential and commercial areas. Households that actively monitor and control their energy use could help reduce the amount of energy our nation wastes daily.

Ideas Description

Wattcost is an Australian start-up designed to reduce power bills by tracking how much energy your appliances use within the home or at a business. It's an app and sensor combination. The sensors are attached to the energy meter of your home or business and then record and upload the data to the cloud for analysis, giving you the eventual result on your smart device's screen.

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