Bringing Solar Solutions to Public Places

While nearly half American households have expressed interest in installing some kind of solar power source, many still are unable to afford to do so. Making public spaces more alternative energy friendly can help communities reduce their dependency on traditional environmentally harmful energy sources.
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As more cities transition to sustainable planning, energy production alternatives should be at the forefront of installation planning. Certain solar power sources can be esthetically pleasing, and can produce enough power to supply a hotel, office building or other small business. Encouraging businesses to include responsible and sustainable energy alternatives in their development by showing how much money they could save by doing so, as well as offering tax breaks or credits for doing so can help solar power devices become more common place.

Ideas Description

The Sunflower is a 30ft-high concrete solar dish fitted with wafer-thin aluminum mirrors and a maze of tiny tubes that carry coolant through the dish. IBM has asked towns to put their names forward to be the first to have a free Sunflower erected in 2016.

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