Creating alternative transport for the commuter market

Using alternative forms of transportation can help reduce carbon emissions and foreign dependency on oil. Pollution sources that move, such as cars, trucks, bulldozers, and trains, are known as ‘mobile sources’...Nationwide, mobile sources represent the largest contributor to air toxics. Air toxics are pollutants known or suspected to cause cancer or other serious health or environmental effects.
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If only 1 in 10 Americans used public transportation regularly, our country’s reliance on foreign oil would drop by more than 40 percent, an amount equal to all the oil we import from Saudi Arabia each year. By introducing new, energy efficient modes of transport for regular commuters, technology can help cities improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions.

Ideas Description

Gogoro has developed a smart electric scooter that's powered by a portable battery. This means that you can swap out new batteries at Gogoro stations within major cities. The scooter is being targeted towards commuters and those who need it for short trips. Gogoro scooters have a cloud-based system that you can connect to via an app.

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