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The Water Research Foundation conducted a survey around average household water usage across the U.S. The report found that 24 percent of that daily household water usage is from the toilet, 20 percent is from the shower, 19 percent is from the faucet, 17 percent is from the washing machine, 8 percent is for “other”, and a whopping 12 percent of that is from water leakage.
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In the US, people use 127% more water than they did in 1950, and 95% of the water they use goes down the drain. Worldwide, over 80% of wastewater is not collected or treated, according to the UN. Monitoring water usage with devices that track how much each household uses can help make consumers more conscious about their water practices. Reducing consumption, and responsibly using when necessary saves the planet and lowers your water bill, it is a win-win.

Ideas Description

Driblet: a smart water meter that monitors water usage, pressure and temperature. Driblet is a small device that can be attached to any residential water pipe, where it captures data on how much water a household uses, as well as the water's temperature and pressure.

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