Detecting water health risks remotely

Measuring water quality at the source and along its path to consumption can be a complicated process. Some locations are too rugged or remote to reach for evaluation routinely.
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Nature and Context

Monitoring water content to make sure it is suitable for human consumption is a top public health priority. Determining if there are any traces of chemicals, bacteria, etc., in water starting at the source that can make humans sick is an important way of preventing public health crisis. Tech that helps track water quality in real time is shaping how communities access water, especially when they face water shortages.

Ideas Description

Smart Water is a wireless sensor platform that aims to simplify remote water-quality monitoring. The device is equipped with multiple sensors that measure a dozen of the most relevant water-quality parameters. The Waspmote Smart Water platform is an ultra-low-power sensor node designed for use in rugged environments and deployment in hard-to-access locations, to detect changes and potential risk to public health in real time.

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