Crowdsourcing solar energy for rural and developing communities

On the basis of current, coal-fire energy investments, one billion of the world’s poor will still be without energy access in 2030. Pooling resources through crowd funding could help install solar power in developing and rural areas that couldn't otherwise afford the installation and upkeep.
People Impacted
$ 72B
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Nature and Context

By raising short-term working capital and project finance for solar-lighting, phone-charging, micro-grids and diesel-replacement projects, people can help bring solar power to communities often going without energy and electricity entirely. Solar energy has the potential to leapfrog other energy sources in the same way that mobiles have leapfrogged landlines. Sustainable, commercially oriented models are needed to achieve the scale, and mobilize the amount of capital to truly move the needle on addressing the big challenges of energy access and global warming.

Ideas Description

SunFunder is a San Francisco and Tanzania-based crowd-funding start-up to raise and aggregate capital for the budding solar-energy movement in ‘off-grid’ or ‘grid-deficit’ developing countries.

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