Funding Solar Power

Solar power is the root of all energy. When we burn fossil fuels we are simply burning stored forms of solar power. If we could capture solar energy directly and immediately we could use it as it becomes available.
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Some cities, such as Malmo in Sweden and Freiburg in Germany are leading the way in showing how solar power can be used at scale (in Malmo the panels heat an underground water store which provides heat in the winter). However, as yet in most cities solar technology has not reached this scale and so traditional fossil fuels are still more economically attractive. By engaging the population in crowd funding solar energy, cities looking to take the leap into solar energy could see a return on new energy investment faster than anticipated by fossil fuel naysayers.

Ideas Description

Mosaic, born in 2010 as SolarMosaic, aims to change how we think about solar energy through a crowd-investment program for solar projects: individuals can invest as little as $25 in panel arrays large and well placed enough to produce a useful amount of electricity and, hence, a return on their investment.

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