Mapping solar radiation potential

Planners and the communities they serve are increasingly recognizing the importance of sustainable places. A critical aspect of helping cities improve their environmental and economic performances over the long term is supporting their transitions to cleaner fuel sources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy security.
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A solar map is an internet-based tool that helps educate and inform users about solar technology by estimating the solar energy potential of building sites or open land and providing information about associated benefits. The purpose of a solar map is to promote greater public awareness about solar energy, enable consumers to discover the solar potential of their own properties, and facilitate increased solar usage among property owners.

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The Minnesota Solar Suitability Analysis is a semester-long group project in the Masters of Geographic Information Science program at the University of Minnesota. The project aims to map solar potential on a large scale across Minnesota using Lidar data and GIS technology. Results are presented in an interactive map and data is available so that companies and individuals know about solar potential in their area.

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