Using crowdsourcing to monitor how climate change affects wildlife

Research on Weddell seals to learn how they deal with extreme environmental changes has been ongoing since the late 1960s. This sort of research is important, despite how time consuming and monotonous it may appear. Studying how certain species react to their ever changing habitats can help humans lessen their impact and prevent further erasure.
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As the Earth is facing a dual crisis of unprecedented biodiversity loss and conserving, protecting and restoring habitat is becoming more critical than ever. By crowdsourcing and asking for help to scour miles of land and ocean, researchers delegate work like counting, analyzing, and uploading images that can reveal information about different environments and habitats.

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On Tomnod, thousands of volunteers use satellite images to explore the Earth and solve real-world problems. By helping survey the sea ice, volunteers help better protect and conserve the seals and the most pristine piece of ocean left: the Ross Sea.

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