Rewarding citizens who reduce their CO2 emissions

In May, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere crept up to about 418 parts per million. It was the highest ever recorded in human history and likely higher than at any point in the last three million years. Encouraging citizens, and more importantly big industries, to reduce their carbon emissions could help the world combat climate change.
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Many people and companies don't see the point in reducing their carbon emissions. By attaching some sort of monetary reward or penalty related to carbon emissions, governments or private parties could help reduce emissions overall. Rewarding citizens or companies that take measures to reduce their carbon footprint is a small step in the right direction.

Ideas Description

Savings Account CO2 provides online and physical monitoring of CO2 in homes. Users create an account and receive payment equal to the amount of CO2 in kilograms they save over a year. The aim is to encourage citizens to reduce their CO2 emissions by rewarding declines in consumption.

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