Monitoring environmental impact city by city

Each city and community have their own established ecosystem, way of life, and status quo for operations. This means each plan on reducing consumption, conserving energy and transitioning to a more sustainable life will need to be site and city specific to make the impact that much more effective.
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Nature and Context

Imagine a city that could almost regulate itself, like a natural organism, adjusting to changes in its environment that its own inhabitants created. Until recently that scenario could only be played out in computer games in which players simulated the growth of cities. With new ways of monitoring environmental factors like noise, temperature, pollution, humidity and more, citizens can help track and map their local environments to better gauge where changes need to be made, and determine how that change would best be implemented.

Ideas Description

Smart Citizen wants to equip people in cities with these monitors, so together they can start collecting basic data. The data from the monitors is brought together online to create a detailed virtual map of a city, so its environmental life can be easily visualised. These maps and the data underlying them can then be relayed back to citizens in real-time on their smartphones, so they can see their own part played in the life of their cities and take action in response.

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