Complex Climate Change Needs Solutions at Every Level of Society

Developing strategies for responding to climate change, and building public support for such ideas is difficult in part due to the complexity of the issue. Some of the trouble relates to the physical science of climate change. Responding to climate change also raises many social, economic, ethical, and political challenges, meaning State and Federal Legislation will be crucial to making a change.
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The federal government can play a critical leadership role in setting policies that affect the actions of all parts of society. But much of the responsibility and opportunity for responding to climate change rests with state and local governments and with the private sector (which accounts for most of the nation’s capital investments, industrial production, and employment). Decisions made at the individual and household level also play a major role in driving GHG emissions, and of course, public support is critical for motivating political leaders to take actions in response to climate change.

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A lack of understanding of the science behind climate change and the statistics it produces leaves the general population seemingly in the dark about the problems we face in the future.

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