Connecting Unemployed Youth with Companies in Need

There are 2.5 million Americans ages 16 to 19 who are out of work or underemployed. This group includes teens who are employed part time when they would rather be working full time, teens who are enrolled in school while actively seeking employment, and teens who are neither working nor enrolled in school. Connecting these individuals with businesses in need could help everyone.
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Nature and Context

Youth today have a specific skillset concerning technology, social media and marketing that is unique to their demographic. By connecting unemployed youths with businesses looking to maximize off the creativity and fresh take that the youth carry, unemployment rates in this age bracket could be reduced.

Ideas Description

MyKindaCrowd is a UK brokerage site founded in 2011 that aims to tackle youth unemployment in the UK, by acting as a conduit between companies, students and teachers. Its site connects brands with specific business challenges to students who can respond, as creative teams might in an advertising agency.

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