Impact sourcing could provide decent work and economic growth

Impact sourcing outsources tasks to people living in poverty in underdeveloped regions, allowing them to earn the dignity of work and a living wage.
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Nature and Context

By breaking down and encapsulating large data projects into smaller microwork tasks that can be distributed to global work centers through a web-based platform impact sourcing rather save companies needing larger projects done money, while providing jobs for the jobless.

Symptoms and Causes

At a time when so many Americans are in distress because they can’t find work, it may seem that impact outsourcing is the wrong idea to champion. More than 70 percent of Americans believe that outsourcing harms the U.S. economy. Outsourcing is usually characterized as “moving jobs overseas” as if it’s necessarily a one-for-one tradeoff. But it’s not that simple. Many of the jobs that are handled through impact sourcing could not be justified on economic terms if they had to be handled in the United States. These are labor-intensive tasks that companies, governments, nonprofits or individuals would like to do ? but will only do if the costs are not prohibitive. Accurately digitizing large swaths of information falls into this category

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