Challenging Gender Inequity in Social Media Voice Forums

Women on social media forums face systemic discrimination and encounter abusive content, flirts, threats, and harassment. We need to design recommendations to create social media voice forums that foster gender equity in use of these services.
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Nature and Context

More women than men in the world are subjected to intimate partner violence, early marriage, unpaid care and domestic work, and workplace discrimination. These structural limitations, lack of agency to take life decisions, and limited access to education, healthcare, and financial resources perpetuate the vicious cycle of gender inequality and discrimination. The United Nations has identified gender equality as a development goal fundamental to the foundation of a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world, and has advocated using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to promote women empowerment.

Symptoms and Causes

Unfortunately, gender inequality also manifests in adoption, access, and use of ICTs. While mainstream social media platforms have revolutionized how people communicate with each other in a wide range of contexts, such as crises, politics, and civil disobedience, these platforms exclude those who experience literacy, socioeconomic, and connectivity barriers. Moreover, socio-cultural norms driven by patriarchy impede the adoption and use of these platforms by women.

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