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Gaining Gender Equality in the Face of COVID-19

There is not a single country in the world that has achieved gender equality. Gender equality is not a women’s issue. When women have equal rights to men, societies are healthier, wealthier, and better educated. With a pandemic slowing major goals, globally, it is important that we don't lose track of the gains we've made and plan to make toward equality.
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Nature and Context

COVID-19 presents a new set of obstacles that is disproportionately putting women at risk and further jeopardizing gender equality on a global scale. The key to introducing policies that protect women and enable them to make important decisions about their bodies, education, and lives is equal representation in decision-making roles, especially in times of crisis that disproportionately change women's lives and put them at a higher risk.

Symptoms and Causes

Historically, women are especially vulnerable during crises. COVID-19 is no different and already domestic violence, child marriage, and FGM is on the rise, the report said. With schools and child care services closed, women and girls are taking on the brunt of household chores and caregiving responsibilities. Women also represent 70% of health care workers globally and are more exposed to the virus on the front lines.

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