Transforming disease diagnostics with AI

For many diseases, early and accurate detection is crucial to survival. Having imaging performed and then processed by radiologists is time consuming and extremely expensive, limiting its use to groups of people unable to access traditional health care.
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New AI can scan medical images to detect cancerous cells, achieving a reported 91% accuracy; this is a significant improvement on a typical radiologist’s rate of 88%, and with fewer false positives. This sort of technology is much cheaper in the long run and is clearly the way of the future for diagnostic imaging.

Ideas Description

Zebra s AI can detect 11 diseases, including breast cancer, brain trauma and excess coronary calcium.

Zebra is not the only company using AI for medical diagnostics: IBM has taught its AI Watson to read medical scans, and startup Face2Gene uses AI to diagnose a range of conditions from a simple photograph.

Thanks to a partnership with Google Cloud, Zebra analysis is available for radiologists to download from the cloud at just $1 per scan, making the service hugely accessible. The system is already used by more than 50 hospitals worldwide, including the Cedars-Sinai network in the US, and Oxford University in the UK.

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