Improving Hospital Operational Efficiency by Modeling Patient Pathways

Hospitals lack useful insight into the timing of their patients' activities in each department and how they relate to operational efficiency. Improving their efficiency hinges on predictive analytics ability to improve planning and execution of patient experiences. Healthcare providers need to establish an operational control for their hospitals based off of tens of thousands of patient journeys.
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Nature and Context

To become more streamlined and cost-effective, hospitals need to consistently make excellent operational decisions. In short, Hospitals need a platform with the ability to mine and process large quantities of data to deliver recommendations to administrative and clinical end users, modeling patient pathways to develop a comprehensive operational control.

Ideas Description

The platform should be able to utilize large quantities of patient data in order to create a centralized command-and-control capability that is predictive, learns continually, and uses optimization algorithms and artificial intelligence to deliver prescriptive recommendations throughout the system.

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