Crowdsourcing clinical data to find a cure for cancer

Big data is a big focus of areas in tech innovation with massive potential. The healthcare industry learns from results. Currently only 4% of cancer patients are participating in clinical trials – leaving 96% of patient results uncollated and opaque
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Partnering tech with cancer studies means that results of drug therapy trials can be analyzed faster than ever possible before. Fourteen million people around the world find out they have cancer every year, and eight million die from the disease. How many could be saved or cured if we can find answers faster, and share results on a larger scale than ever before?

Ideas Description

Results of big, open data already power apps and services we use every day, and now there's a start-up looking to bring these benefits into understanding, and treating cancer. Flatiron Health's OncologyCloud was developed to collect these results and open up advanced analytics from and to oncology departments. Through the system, cancer care providers are linked up for the first time on a common platform.

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