Enabling research by sharing knowledge

There are nearly 7 million scientists and engineers in the American workforce. A lot of research is being done by these scientists, but how much of it is already being done elsewhere? Or how much of it can help other scientists working on other projects? Sharing research results, effective practices, and areas of interest with each other can streamline many of the studies being performed.
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While some research is groundbreaking and therefore guarded, much research could be shared among professionals to help eliminate duplicate findings and make the entire system more efficient. The time, money and other resources that could be saved by this type of collaboration could help devote those same resources to new, life-saving research.

Ideas Description

The Global Health Network aims to accelerate and streamline research through this innovative digital platform. It’s a hub joining together a range of websites to support research by sharing knowledge and methods. Each has been established to create a subject-specific online community of researchers who can build collaborations, develop documents, share resources and exchange information. Each independent member group uses the Network to focus on a specific therapeutic area such as respiratory disease, maternal health or oncology, or type of research like diagnostics or microbiology. The Network also offers free online eLearning courses, seminars and a professional membership scheme that provides for continuing professional development.

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