Learn Which Immunological Responses Provide Protective Immunity

New technologies offer the potential to assay a wide variety of biomarkers and immune state diagnostics that are informative about the physiological and immune status of a person and define the immunity markers that correlate with a state of protective immunity to particular diseases and could be used as a decision-support tool for the design and evaluation of new or improved vaccines.
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Despite years of effort, we currently have no reliable biomarkers for assessing disease states in the developing world.  We do not know enough about the immunological profiles of either immunized or non-immunized persons that would allow us to predict unsatisfactory responses to a vaccine; to distinguish symptomatic from asymptomatic infection; or, in the case of chronic infections or parasitic diseases, to correlate the presence of particular biomarkers with protection.  During clinical trials of a new vaccine, it would be particularly helpful to have authentic correlates of protection.

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