Portable personal health scanner to promote regular health checks

Visits to the doctor can be tiresome – booking an appointment, taking time off work, waiting in a dreary lobby – so people often only go to the GP when they are feeling very poorly and not for regular general check-ups.
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Having tech that allows people to test their regular health at home allows ordinary people to keep check of their health as a matter of routine. It could be particularly helpful to people who want to see if a change in their diet might be having a certain effect on their wellbeing, for example. Routinely checking and collecting normal health stats like blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels, etc., may be helpful to GPs as information collected at home can be shared with the doctor to help in diagnoses and make health visits more productive.

Ideas Description

Scanadu Scout is a portable health monitor that people can use to check their vital signs as often as they like from the comfort of their own home. The collected data is sent to an app on the user's smartphone via Bluetooth.

The company is developing a suite of health devices, including Scanadu Urine, and has raised nearly $50 million in funding from 8,500 Indiegogo backers. 

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