Achieving transparency on travel sites for the differently abled

Accessibility information for travel websites is often minimal and incomplete. Most offer a wheelchair access tick box, but research shows that is only useful to around 8% of disabled people. This leaves a lot of unanswered questions for many looking to travel comfortably and effectively. More information is needed concerning accessibility to make traveling more inclusive and safe.
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There are many practical challenges faced by disabled people when traveling, from finding suitable hotel rooms, to accommodating restaurants and attractions. According to the World Disability Report, over one billion people have a disability. In the US alone, the figure is almost 61 million adults. Differently abled people should be able to assess if a place is accommodating and inclusive remotely.

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Securing support from the RSA, Key Fund, the Cabinet Office and Nominet Trust, Angus established Limitless Travel – an online portal to help break down barriers to travel for differently abled people.

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Limitless Travel features a number of useful articles and guides on a range of destinations. Perhaps most importantly, the site allows users to search by disability and rate different facilities, while enabling hotel, restaurant and attraction operators to detail their accessibility features. 

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