Alerting local authorities about homeless people to get them support

Homelessness is a major issue in America. Homeless individuals are on the street for a number of reasons, but that doesn't make them less worthy of help. Often times they are unaware of the resources available to them. Getting them in contact with the proper authorities and help can reduce the homeless population we currently continue to underserve.
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While society can undoubtedly do better to serve the homeless populations at present, we do have several resources available to them. Getting them in contact with those resources can sometimes be harder than anticipated. If there was a way to alert homeless services and support that there was a person in need, they could come directly to the homeless person instead of making the already struggling person seek out aid.

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StreetLink is a website, iOS/Android app and phone line for members of the English general public to alert local authorities about homeless people sleeping out (‘rough-sleeping’). It was funded by the UK Department for Communities and Local Government as part of a commitment to end rough sleeping. The alert triggers a response from services and support, and is operated by national charity,

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