Community monitoring network for air quality

Air pollution is an invisible killer responsible for 7 million deaths every year, yet government statistics on air quality are often vague and do not give accurate readings at a local level, making it hard for the individual to know how to contribute to their own safety.
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Experts have long been aware of air pollution's ability to spread far from its source. This means, that even when you live in a rural setting you may be at risk of pollutants coming from elsewhere. Giving each person access to a way to monitor their personal air quality could help scientists track how pollutants move, and protect individuals who may not even know they were at risk.

Ideas Description

Air Quality Eggs are personal air sensors that measure humidity, temperature, nitrogen and carbon dioxide levels. They send the collected data to the cloud to be analysed and used to generate a crowdsourced map showing global air quality. The map is publicly available on the company’s website. The service also includes embeddable graphs, and an API that allows developers to incorporate the data in their own projects. 

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