Digital therapy platform for paranoia & personality disorders

Approximately 4.4 percent (9.2 million) have paranoid personality disorder; 3.6 percent (7.6 million) have antisocial personality disorder; 3.1 percent (6.5 million) have schizoid personality disorder; 2.4 percent (4.9 million) have avoidant personality disorder; 1.8 percent (3.8 million) have histrionic personality disorder. These disorders are particularly hard to treat, especially remotely.
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Nature and Context

Millions of Americans suffer from severe personality disorders that make them extremely paranoid and hard to treat. Trust is a big issue with those suffering from these diseases, which is why treatment is often difficult and structured to address individual issues. Digital therapy platforms could help many of these individuals as it has the ability to reach them remotely - from the homes they don't feel comfortable leaving, group homes, etc., - and puts the course of treatment in the hands of the patient, helping them visualize and control their thoughts.

Ideas Description

SlowMo is a unique digital therapy for people with severe mental health problems that uses new and responsive technologies to visualise thoughts and thinking habits, and significantly increases the accessibility of therapy. It s the first digital platform for paranoia that provides self-management tools for people to take control of their lives.

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