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Even though our society is working toward understanding why sexual violence, assault and harassment occur as often as they do, we still have a long way to go before every person feels safe and empowered in their homes, in public and in the work place. Providing self defense training, and easy to use alarm and weapons can help protect the thousands of potential victims in the meantime.
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Every 73 seconds an American is assaulted. Millions of Americans of all genders and orientations are at risk of physical and sexual violence. These alarming statistics reveal an underlying problem of rape culture in America. But what can we do to protect ourselves until we reduce this toxicity? Self defense classes for all is a great start. Furthermore, devices such as loud alarms, blinding lights, and other simple weapons can help protect potential victims and alert others that someone is need of help.

Ideas Description

ROAR for Good is a social impact company helping reduce the incidence of assaults against women while addressing the underlying causes of violence. Through fashionable self-defense wearable technology/jewelry, the solution helps deter attacks and instantly calls for help. For each device sold, the company takes a substantial percentage of proceeds and invests them into nonprofits that are teaching young people about empathy, respect and healthy relationships. The device has two modes: 1. Alarm mode: recommended for threatening situations when you want to get help instantly. 2. SilentROAR: for discreet situations or when you feel uncomfortable – three taps sends distress messages with your location to your contacts.

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