Making wheelchairs more accessible with open-source design

According to the World Health Organization, over 65 million people need a wheelchair to take part in society and live an independent life. Yet, 8 out of 10 people who need a wheelchair (that's 52 million) are unable to use one, because of a prohibitive price tag and the customization often needed to suit the user's environment and physical needs.
People Impacted
$ 1.8T
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Nature and Context

Money should not be a barrier to getting a differently abled person a wheel chair. It is a necessity, not a luxury item, and should therefore be an accessible and inclusive process in obtaining one. This would include customizations and modifications specific to each user.

Ideas Description

Inspired by organisations like e-NABLE, which created the first open-source functional prosthetic hand, Disrupt Disability was established through a residency in the Machine Rooms makerspace in London in collaboration with British Council, to create the first open-source, fully customizable wheelchair.

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