Monitoring air quality in homes

Air quality has worsened exponentially in the last few decades. This is especially true in urban areas where traffic and human populations effect the air. Monitoring the pollutants in the air is important for the health of communities in and outside of the home.
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Devices already monitor air quality in our homes to a certain extent. Think- smote and carbon monoxide detectors. Unfortunately there are more harmful agents in the air than just those two things. Having a device that monitors air quality and alerts owners to any dangers, as well as provides households with tips on how to improve air quality could help Americans across the board.

Ideas Description

Birdi (formerly known as Canary) is a smart device that monitors air quality in homes, tracking dust, soot and other health dangers. The device sends alerts and warnings via an app and users can see the information or silence alarms straight from their phones. In case of a real emergency, the app makes sure that homeowners get the help they need by patching them through to the relevant authorities

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