Care and accessibility for dementia patients and their families

Six million of us will care for someone with dementia in our lives; one in six of us will get it. Products and services to help patients and carers cope with dementia are hard to find and a recent poll suggested that 80% of people were unaware that dementia products exist at all.
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Within the United States, approximately 5.7 million people are living with dementia. This disease effects not only the patients but the family members and healthcare workers charged with caring for these particularly sensitive patients. Much is still unknown about the brain, but there are resources that can help those effected by dementia understand how it works a little better. Additionally resources about the care for dementia patients exist, but could be more abundant and accessible.

Ideas Description

Unforgettable is an online marketplace that brings products, services and advice to dementia patients and their carers. 2,500 products are available so far, from phones equipped with family photos to insoles with GPS trackers, all with peer reviews and advice alongside them. The site also recently launched a free legal service to help family members of dementia sufferers handle the usually torturous and expensive process of arranging power of attorney for their loved ones.

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