Investing in nanotechnology for health and well-being

To diagnose deadly diseases such as Ebola at the initial point-of-care, emergency response services remain largely reliant on centuries-old technology: the thermometer. Examining tech that provides better diagnostic abilities at point of care can save lives.
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While traditional diagnostic methods in the field work, society needs to expand the practices used into more time and cost efficient methods where able. Other, more accurate methods require centralized labs and large infrastructure and supply investments – facilities that can be largely absent at point of outbreak. Even for more standard pathogens in hospitals, there’s a dire need for quick, accurate results. Advances in nanobiophysics tech are fast addressing these problems.

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One company in particular, US-based Nanobiosym, Inc., has developed a nanomachine called Gene-RADAR a portable diagnostics platform that rapidly reads the genetic fingerprint of any biological organism.

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