Sextortion Cases Involving Minors Increases Across the Country

The threat of online child sexual assault is continuing to rise. According to the FBI, sextortion cases are up 60% in the last five years, with 71% of all sextortion victims being minors. Sextortion isn’t an issue on many parents' radars, leaving kids unguarded and vulnerable to attacks. Most victims of sextortion experience lifelong trauma, harming their emotional wellness during formative years.
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According to the FBI, sextortion occurs when one person, using threats or manipulation, coerces another person into sharing sexually explicit images over the Internet or a cell phone. Even if the perpetrator doesn’t do physical harm, teens can still experience emotional and psychological damage. Their images could also find their way onto the Internet and the dark web. Sextortion victims have committed suicide because they were so ashamed of being exposed to their friends and families.

Sextortion is particularly dangerous because many parents don’t realize their child is at risk. But the statistics tell us a different story:

  •       According to the FBI, sextortion cases are up 60 percent in the last five years

  •       71 percent of all sextortion victims are minors

  •       78 percent of sextortion victims are girls, with an average age of 15

  •       83 percent of sextortion cases involve social media manipulation

  •       1 in 4 minors victimized by sextortion sought medical or mental health care

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