Training vision with an app

In the United States , 14 million people are visually impaired. Of these, more than 11 million have uncorrected visual impairment, such as nearsightedness. Many people can improve their vision with exercises for the eye, but many don't have access to the proper resources.
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Nature and Context

With technology which responds and adapts to eye movements, people could reduce blurring in their vision. Exercises specifically tailored for the eye could be done remotely led by an app or game, which could lead a user to improve their vision at their own pace.

Ideas Description

A visual 'game' for your eyes to play, ULTIMEYES is an app-based program to reduce blurring in your sight. Employing technology which responds and adapts to eye movements, it offers a program of 25-minute sessions, four times a week. Completing an eight-week program has been shown in testing to improve a user's vision.

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