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Expanding Access to Alternative Energy & Power

In the developing world and underserved communities access to renewable energy is limited. Although low cost solutions do exist, they are often flimsy and break, creating a lack of trust in communities about renewable energy source in general. Additionally, new communities face the challenge of updating old systems efficiently.
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Nature and Context

 US energy consumption hit a record high in 2018 in large part due to the growing use of fossil fuels. We need to seek and promote alternatives, especially when serving nations that have to start from scratch. Starting them off on a renewable foot can help the communities in the future. Having renewable energy hubs where people can charge their devices in a safe and reliable way can help promote renewable energy as a resource in developing countries, as well as in already established bu underserved communities.

Ideas Description

BuffaloGrid is a truly scalable solution to the power deficit in the developing world: pay-as-you-go phone charging at a network of solar-power hubs in some of the world's poorest communities

Additionally, X4Impact features several solutions that are addressing making our cities work smarter and more efficiently, and also offer alternatives to bring alternative energy practices to the masses:

BlocPower uses data, thermodynamic models, structured finance, and edge computing to make city buildings greener, smarter, and healthier. BlocPower connects online investors to solar and energy efficiency project micro-finance opportunities, and trains and hires local unemployed workers to install all BlocPower retrofits.

The EnergiTree provides clean energy to those in most need - incorporating wind, solar and batteries for a complete nanogrid operation. It is perfectly suited for remote locations, farms, disaster relief, and military expeditionary use. It uses Primo’s innovative and patented torque based blade and provides real usable power in the common wind speeds of 5-15 mph.

Ennuity Holdings is creating a brand new asset class that allows individuals to buy out their electric utility bill. Inspired by the guaranteed income profile of annuities and the recurring energy production provided by renewable power sources, we call these products ennuities.

The goal is to enable the ~ 1.1 billion people throughout the world who still don’t have reliable access to power to live safe and productive lifestyles through clean, affordable, and reliable access to electricity. Okra’s hardware and software empowers energy companies – from mini-grid developers to SHS distributors – to deploy and manage last-mile projects at scale.

Solstice was founded on the belief that every American household can be powered by affordable renewable energy. By deploying community solar, Solstice works for greater energy equity and a future in which clean energy works for every American household, regardless of income level, credit score, or any other factor.

Ampion empowers the clean energy revolution by bringing community energy programs to local communities. Through its software platform, Ampion connects residents, businesses, and other consumers with clean energy facilities that lower their electric costs without the need for installations or upfront costs.

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