Explaining often-complicated security technology terms to the public

As our dependency on technology and internet increase, so does the risk of falling victim to cyber criminals. People often are unaware of how important cyber security is to help prevent identity fraud and data breaches. Explaining technology and the benefits and pitfalls associated with it are often complicated and off-putting to the general public.
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Although the language associated with advancement in technology can be overwhelming, decoding technical language is important for a wider understanding of the importance of practices within cybersecurity, both in business and beyond. Explaining our advancements in a digestible, easy to understand way will help make the security and necessity for precaution more accessible to the general population so we can continue to safely enjoy the benefits.

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The Analogies Project explains often-complicated security technology terms through the medium of real-life and historical analogies, such as the idea of 'baby-proofing your business' or the loss of the library at Alexandria being due to a failure to 'back up' their data.

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